A Personalized Nutrition and Diet Plan for Your Unique Metabolism

Each Person is Different and Their
Nutritional Needs Are As Well

There is a difference between health and the artificial standards of beauty that permeate American culture on television, magazines, and film. 

Typical discussions about health often focus on weight and how much one wants to lose. Spruce MD’s approach to dietary science, however, examines the relative amounts of fat, proteins, minerals, and fluid to make specific and targeted nutritional recommendations based on a patient’s particular metabolism.

At Spruce MD, we provide patient-specific nutrition guidance that is not about weight loss, but rather achieving the correct fat-to-muscle-to-mineral-to-fluid ratio.

The Mind-Body Connection

We have known for millennia that what we eat, and in what quantity, has a direct connection to our mood and mental health.

The word “dyspepsia,” which means both indigestion and depression, stems from the ancient Greek word duspeptos. Poor mental health and poor nutrition have been viewed as one in the same for ages.

What we eat and how we metabolize food has a direct impact on mental health.

Nutritional deficiencies cause a number of mental illnesses including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD

At Spruce MD, we want you to feel both mentally and physically healthier.

In your 45 minute consultation with our registered dietician, we will recommend a nutritional plan that will start you on the road to true recovery. 

Integrative medicine views patients as more than a cluster of symptoms that need to be treated. At Spruce MD, we treat the whole person, not simply their symptoms. Having a comprehensive nutritional plan tailored to your unique needs has shown positive results in resolving: