Personalized Nutrition Counseling

Custom nutrition plans, designed by registered dieticians, for you

An integrative approach to nutrition considers medical diagnoses, current lifestyle demands, and personal goals. Our registered dietician provides guidance through a functional nutrition approach. Treatment plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of patients using both whole foods and supplementation when needed. 

Nutritional Care at Spruce MD

Benefits of our Custom Nutrition Program:

  • Individualized, comprehensive nutritional assessment
  • Personalized nutrition goals
  • First-rate support from our expert dietician
  • Meal planning resources

InBody Body Composition Analysis

During the initial comprehensive nutrition assessment, you have the option to do an InBody scan to determine personal body composition. This personalized report shows body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and visceral fat level. Tracking InBody data can be a great motivator to achieve health goals and is a much better indicator of health than weight or BMI.

What We Treat

Our Registered Dietician commonly sees patients for: