10 Day Reset


This reset program was initially developed to provide our Spruce MD patients a way to jump start their health and shift towards making positive lifestyle changes within a defined period of time. It has been used by many of our patients with successful outcomes that include (but are not limited to) decreased joint pain, improved sleep, weight loss, and improved mental health. We’ve had such great outcomes that we want to extend this program to more people. This cleanse is your chance to remove foods that are slowing down your body’s many processes and allow your body to start to understand what it really needs.
The primary focus is on nutrition, but movement and mindfulness are integral pieces of whole body health and are incorporated into the program. Nutritionally, the consumption of whole, anti-inflammatory foods is encouraged with elimination of the most common allergens. The focus is on nourishing your body with clean foods that will allow the digestive system to be more effective and efficient, therefore spending less time “cleaning up” the damage done by inflammatory foods.

What’s included:

  • RESET paperback book
  • Guidelines for the 10 day cleanse
  • Meal prep ideas and recipes
  • Guidance for movement and mindfulness practices
  • Daily notes section to jot down what you are eating and how you are feeling each day

Registered Dietician

Integrative and Functional Medicine Providers