October 19, 2020

Jordan Floyd is a physical therapist who recently started Limitless Therapy & Wellness, a boutique physical therapy practice here in Greenville, SC. He offers both injury specific and wellness sessions.  As many of you know, I had ACL reconstruction earlier this year and I received my initial physical therapy from Limitless. It was ah-mazing. Jordan’s mobile PT practice came to me for sessions – the clinic, my home, the gym, etc. It was incredibly convenient and Jordan provides phenomenal care. Spruce MD has recently partnered with Limitless Therapy & Wellness to provide Spruce MD patients access to Jordan’s care. I sat down with Jordan last week to get a little more information about his vision, Limitless PT’s offerings, and how physical therapy can be a part of an integrative health plan.  

Hey Jordan! Spruce MD is excited to be collaborating with you to provide our patients with all that Limitless Therapy & Wellness has to offer. Can you tell me a little about your training and why you decided to pursue a career in physical therapy?

I’m excited about the collaboration too! I ended up in physical therapy because I wanted to find a way to combine my love for science and medicine with my passion for sports and exercise. I initially considered orthopedics but after shadowing orthopedic physicians, I realized I did not enjoy the quick and infrequent interactions with patients. I was looking for an opportunity to work alongside patients and walk through the recovery journey from onset of injury to return to work, sports and other hobbies. I started by getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training, but realized that working in a professional or collegiate sports setting was not conducive to the family life I desired. I ultimately attended physical therapy school and received my Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). I then completed a residency in orthopedics and am board-certified in orthopedic physical therapy. I previously directed a physical therapy clinic and served as an instructor and mentor in an orthopedic residency program until starting my own practice earlier this year. 

Awesome. I know you previously worked with a large, nationally-owned physical therapy company. Why did you decide to leave and start your own business?

It was a hard decision because I learned and grew so much over the first five years of my career. I was surrounded by some amazing therapists at my previous job. However, I grew frustrated with insurance-driven care. From a therapist’s perspective, this meant seeing two to four patients per hour with none receiving my undivided attention. Meanwhile, I was spending two to three hours each day trying to stay caught up on documentation to get reimbursed for my services from insurance companies. From a patient’s perspective, this meant being forced to accept substandard care at an inconvenient time and location along with eventual premature discharge from physical therapy due to insurance benefit limits for physical therapy. I knew there had to be a better way, and I have always had an “entrepreneurial itch.” It was after developing a mentorship with the owner of a concierge practice in Scottsdale, Arizona that the concept of Limitless Therapy and Wellness was born.  I completely removed the influence of insurance to provide a superior and more convenient product for my clients that includes one-on-one care at a convenient place and time of their choosing. 

Tell me how Limitless works. Say, I am a patient seeking physical therapy for a knee injury (man, that sounds familiar), what are my options for care with you?

First of all, South Carolina is a direct access state, which means one does not need a referral from a physician to receive physical therapy. You can reach out directly to schedule a discovery session, which is an opportunity for me to meet you, learn your medical history and perform a thorough movement screening and physical examination. Based on the results of my exam, I will perform treatments specifically tailored for your limitations and goals. At the end of the discovery session, we can discuss recommendations for further treatment. Based on those recommendations, there are options to purchase individual sessions or monthly and yearly memberships.  

I previously thought PT was only for those who were post-op or had a specific injury. If that is not the case, how can patients utilize your services?

My goal is to help encourage and reinforce a proactive approach to healthcare. I treat patients who have had surgery or have a specific injury, but I also work with clients who simply want to move and feel their best.  For those, I perform a comprehensive injury screening and mobility assessment. I then provide instruction in corrective exercises to address any mobility or strength deficits that are creating asymmetry or putting them at risk for future injury. This approach reduces down-time, promotes and prolongs muscle and joint health, and allows for early detection of small deficits before they become significant issues. Since I am not contracted with insurance companies, I am not constrained by the requirement of “medical necessity” like other providers. In other words, I can treat “healthy” people who don’t have a specific diagnosis or injury but simply want to experience life without aches and pains while moving and feeling their best.  

So, you can essentially function as a personal trainer – a very well-trained one that knows a lot about movement?

That’s correct! I have a number of “healthy” patients who really value my ability to instruct them on how to train smarter and give them a specific exercise regimen that is tailored to their body’s needs. For patients who have suffered an injury or have a specific diagnosis that we are treating, I always have a goal to eventually transition to a more fitness-focused program.  This is why my membership model is appealing to a wide spectrum of individuals.

My patients have been super excited about seeing you for an initial visit. What should they expect?

The experience is completely different than what is received in a typical physical therapy clinic. In fact, I tell all of my new patients to throw out all of their preconceived notions about what physical therapy is. I come to the patient, whether that is their home, work, or gym and bring all necessary equipment. At Limitless Therapy and Wellness, patients receive an hour of my undivided attention – no returning emails, answering phone calls, or treating other patients.  This allows me to be hands-on throughout an entire session. Patients can expect to see the same therapist every time (ME!) and can expect their specific situation and needs to be addressed as I formulate a personalized treatment or exercise plan for them. Your patients can also expect results – my average patient achieves 50% improvement in their chief complaint within the first two sessions!   

Mobile physical therapy certainly has its benefits! Physical activity is one of the main tenets of care focused on at Spruce MD and the convenient, personalized, one-on-one approach of Limitless Therapy & Wellness is a great way to rev up your exercise routine. As mentioned, all of our Spruce MD members receive a complimentary initial visit with Limitless Therapy & Wellness! If you are interested in getting more information about Limitless PT, check out their website at

Mary Brittain Blankenship, MD, FAIHM

Dr. Blankenship

Mary Brittain Blankenship, is the founder and physician at Spruce MD Integrative Medicine. Board certified in both Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine, she sees patients locally at her practice in Greenville, SC and virtually nationwide.


Jordan Floyd is a physical therapist and owner of Limitless Therapy and Wellness in Greenville, SC.

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